When you visit a barbershop in SE Calgary, you are going in for more than a trim. You are going in for a complete style overhaul. At least, that can be the case when you request one of the top hairstyles for men in 2020.

Start 2020 With A Classic Undercut And A Textured Top

An undercut allows the hair to be cropped close to the head along the sides. This is a very traditional masculine look. However, in 2020, the look is being accented with a textured top. This means that the hair on top is longer and has more volume. This provides a nice contrast. In total, it is a great modern twist on a classic cut. That is why it is expected to be so popular in 2020. Talk to your favorite barbershop in SE Calgary to see what you will look like in this variation of a classic undercut.

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Try The High Fade For A Fresh 2020 Look

For two more dramatic looks in 2020, you could visit your favorite barbershop in SE Calgary for the high fade. The high fade takes the classic undercut to the next level. Instead of leaving the sides closely cropped, the high fade buzzes the hair around the bottom of the head. The buzz is blended into the hair toward the top of the head, providing an ombre effect. The high fade is extensively easy to customize.

For another distinctive style in 2020, try adding in tail designs to your high fade. The hair on top of the head can be cut in a wave to the side or an angular brush back. This makes it easy to vary the look based on your hair type.

Have Some Flair In 2020 With The Modern Pompadour

Traditionally, the pompadour is a longer style. In the original look, the long sides were simply slicked back, allowing the top to be arranged in a bold wave with lots of volume. The modern pompadour holds true to the general feel of the original look, but it provides a more streamlined approach. Instead of slicking back the sides, the modern pompadour clips the sides close or buzzes them altogether with a high fade. The top is left full and with plenty of texture, allowing the signature pompadour look to be achieved. It is a fun and versatile look for men this year.

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