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Barber Shop SE Calgary Tips: Essential Beard Grooming Techniques

There is more to growing an impressive beard than letting nature take its course. You have to take care of your beard and groom yourself properly. This ensures that your beard is well-kempt, presentable, and easy to manage. To help you grow an impressive beard, here are some essential beard grooming techniques straight from a barbershop in SE Calgary.

Start with Maintaining Your Beard Properly

Before you even start grooming your beard, you need to make sure you’re maintaining your beard properly. Start by using shampoo and conditioners that are specifically for beards. You might think that regular shampoo would be fine, but your beard is completely different from your scalp. Another option is to use beard oil which hydrates, conditions, and softens hair. You’ll notice your barbershop in SE Calgary takes the same level of care with beards.

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Always Brush After Washing

After you apply or wash with beard products, the hair will soften up. This is when you want to brush your beard against the grain. Brushing daily will help make it easier to manage your beard. It will allow you to control how your beard grows out. If you do not brush your beard regularly, your beard may grow out messily. Brushing will also make it easier to trim your beard as it shows you where you need to shave or trim.

Use Scissors to Shape Up Your Beard

A pair of small scissors is what you want to use to trim and shape up your beard. Get an idea of how you want your beard to look. Make sure that the look you’re going for goes well with the shape of your face and jaw. Once you know what you want, start trimming very slowly to maintain your beard. Finish by shaping up the rough spots until you have a clean looking beard.

Turn to Your Barber Shop SE Calgary

If you’re inexperienced with growing a beard, turn to your local barber shop in SE Calgary. Go to a shop that knows how to work with men’s beards. They’ll work with you to help you achieve the look that you’re going for. You’ll also get a lot of advice on how to manage your beard.

On a final note, you’ll want to find a barbershop you trust. When you’re busy or don’t want to deal with trimming and shaping your beard, you can let the experts take care of it for you.

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