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5 Mistakes Your Barber Has To Fix

Are you satisfied with your current barber? Even if you expect professionalism, it’s not uncommon for barbers to make certain mistakes. If you can identify any of these mistakes, then it’s time to look for a new barbershop in SE Calgary. Here’s what you need to be aware of:

Mistake #1: Assuming a Style Matches Your Face and Head

It’s pretty common for customers to walk into barbershops thinking they want a certain style. However, not every style or cut will match the face or head of a person. It’s up to the Calgary barber to recommend another style or cut instead of blindly listening to the customer.

Mistake #2: Messing Up a Fade

The fade is a common haircut that’s requested by many customers. However, many barber shops still struggle with getting it right. A common mistake that is made is trimming the sides too high. The style should fade into the top seamlessly. If the fade looks too forced then the barber didn’t shape it right or went up too high.

Mistake #3: Using Thinning Shears the Wrong Way

Thinning shears are used to take the weight off the hair. Barbers often make the mistakes of working the shears at the roots when they should be taking the weight off mid-length. Working the roots results in the hair not having enough volume and texture.

Mistake #4: Not Using a Flat Brush

To keep hair stable under the clipper guard, it’s best to use a flat brush. Barbers will often use a comb which can cause hair to stick out and result in a less clean cut. To avoid this situation, go with a barbershop in SE Calgary that uses professional tools properly.

Mistake #5: Leaving Too Much at the Top

If too much hair is left at the top, you often get a poofy effect. The solution to this is to trim the length and texture it just a little bit. It’s important to approach the top with caution to ensure enough body and weight.

These are five common mistakes barbers make. If your barber is making these mistakes, let him know so that he can correct it. If corrections aren’t made, it may be time to make the switch.

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